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Uncompromising quality. Unrivaled customer service. Unmatched attention to detail. Uncommon value. We are Intra Aerospace – a world leader in precision gearing, machining and assembly. And we’re ready to be your manufacturing partner.


Intra Aerospace
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Intra Aerospace & You.

The go-to team for a who’s-who customer list of leading aerospace, military and commercial companies, Intra Aerospace has been manufacturing excellence for more than a quarter century.

We know you have a choice when choosing a manufacturing partner for gearing, machining or assembly. To explore the benefits of gearing up with Intra Aerospace, read on:
Intra Aerospace & You.

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Need gear components and assemblies fabricated to your exact specifications? Delivered on time? With no excuses? At Intra Aerospace, that’s exactly what we do. From the simplest serrations to the most complex bevel gears, we have the knowledge, equipment, experience and people you can count on. So how do we do it? Find out right here:
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