Our Capabilities

Our gears are on Mars. But we’re really down to earth.

Our gears are on Mars. But we’re really down to earth.

Need gear components and assemblies fabricated to your exact specifications? Delivered on time? With no excuses?

At Intra Aerospace, that’s exactly what we do. From the simplest serrations to the most complex bevel gears, we have the knowledge, equipment, experience and people you can count on. Here’s a quick low-down:

  • Our fully-integrated manufacturing process has been honed by decades of hands-on expertise in precision gear making.

  • Careful planning and expert production techniques -- including our state-of-the-art job tracking system -- ensure that our finished products meet or exceed your requirements. Every time.

  • As your all-around partner, Intra Aerospace also offers gear blanking, engineering consultation and sophisticated inventory management services.

Intra Aerospace is your one-stop source for complete gear manufacturing and assemblies. Contact our Customer Support Team. And explore the outer limits of our capabilities.

Intra Aerospace Capabilities: A High-Tech Manufacturing Environment

Building a bedrock of trust and integrity.

The irreplaceable value of long-term relationships. Intra Aerospace’s reputation for top quality products and outstanding customer service was earned the old-fashioned way – we deliver on our promises. A tight-knit team of highly-trained professionals and craftsmen use modern, computer-controlled manufacturing equipment -- monitored by a world class quality program – to get you what you need, right when you need it. No stories. No nonsense. No excuses.

Whether your gears requirements are simple or complex, put Intra Aerospace to work for you. We’ve built our business on integrity and trust. And we’d love to do the same for you.

Intra Aerospace Capabilities: Lathes with Live Tooling

Products of our environment.

High-tech manufacturing. In just a few short years, the new global marketplace has opened up amazing opportunities – and created jaw-dropping challenges. Competitive pricing and product integrity are no longer goals – they are a given. To make sure our customers stay competitive, Intra Aerospace is committed to – and obsessed with – creating and maintaining a leading edge manufacturing facility featuring the most modern equipment the world has ever seen.

  • We process your digital datasets in all standard file formats using our advanced CAD/CAM system.

  • Our computer-controlled machinery and job tracking system, combined with a total quality assurance environment, bring you quality and reliability, on time, at cost-effective prices.

Let Intra Aerospace show you how the products of our manufacturing environment can help you succeed in yours.

Intra Aerospace Capabilities: Built-In Quality from Start to Finish

Our best quality, is quality.

Quality is built into the process. How do we show you that Intra Aerospace’s highest priority is quality? Let us count the ways:

  1. Our quality assurance department is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C quality management systems by Perry Johnson Registrars. (We can fabricate gears up to AGMA Class 14 in a wide variety of configurations and materials.)

  2. Our entire organization embraces the concept of Product Realization – a comprehensive quality environment focused on monitoring and measuring our manufacturing processes.

  3. A day at work is only successful when we achieve total product reliability and complete satisfaction for every customer. We do this through continuous process improvement and the principles of lean manufacturing.

Let Intra Aerospace deliver the standards you need to stay on top in today’s unforgiving global marketplace. Learn More.

Intra Aerospace Capabilities: Hardware Assembly Service

Your vision is our mission.

A talented, dedicated, detail-oriented team. It’s often said the gear manufacturing is part art, part science. And in our experience, that’s completely true. It takes years of experience, hard-earned knowledge and on-the-job expertise to turn a drawing or CAD file into a real, working gear.

Intra Aerospace is proud to have some of our industry’s best and brightest gear professionals and craftsmen. Most of our people have been with the company for a decade or more. (And in today’s world of work, that’s really saying something!) Our team members offer a wealth of information and hands-on know how when it comes to machining precision gears and assemblies. Put the Intra Aerospace team to work for you. Let us know what you want – your satisfaction will become our mission -- and discover what decades of knowledge and experience can do.